For several years now, WordPress has been the most popular of all content management systems – and there is a reason for that. Due to a very intuitive operation, the work is quickly learned and it requires little prior knowledge, but at the same time the system is also flexibly expandable and today an option for pretty much every purpose.

Due to the constant popularity, a huge selection of themes and plugins has emerged. WordPress is a good choice, especially for lower budgets – much of the functionality is available freely or at a low price and only needs to be configured and stylistically adapted. 

Theme Development

Benefit from the advantages that WordPress offers in combination with the independence of ready-made themes.There are no limits to flexibility here – everything you can integrate into a normal website is also compatible with WordPress.

Plugin Development

A plugin is ultimately an extension of the capabilities that are present. Here, too, there is boundless freedom. Pretty much anything can be integrated to meet your needs.

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