Single Page Applications & Progressive Web Apps

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A modern web design differs significantly from classic websites. The focus here is on maximum performance and the user experience – with success. The site visitor only gets a handful of scripts sent and everything takes place directly in the browser. No more pages have to be loaded and the navigation runs smoothly. For most scenarios, a single page application is my recommendation, a progressive web app if you also need a mobile app. Another topic is static websites, which brings another boost in performance. It is possible to create a Single Page Application as a static website.

Single Page Applications

Imagine you’re commenting on your favorite social media platform and each time the page reloads and you’re at the top of the page. This modern technology solves this problem.

With the help of modern frameworks such as Angular from Google or React from Facebook, SPA’s are implemented. Your website will then behave app-like. Navigation and interaction with the page runs without reloading the page and changes are immediately visible on the page. 

Progressive Web Apps

Often a mobile app is necessary beyond a website. In the past, it was still the case that you had to develop your own app for each operating system – today there are PWAs. A development for all devices, even including a website. Central administration of all devices saves you additional effort.

Static pages

Static pages are a page that is rendered into individual HTML pages. Every single page is, so to speak, plain text and does not have to be rendered by a server. The navigation is extremely smooth and very low waiting times are the reason. Another big advantage is the topic of search engine optimization and exactly here the combination with a SPA is optimal. 

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